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About ECW

What does ECW do?

ECW is specialized in wiring industrial control boards and panels. The plates get finished with the utmost care. The components are clearly indicated. In addition to the boards, we also develop general automation projects, in consultation with the customer. Since we are a small company, we can work very flexibly to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

What can ECW do for you?

  • Thinking along to develop the best solution for you
  • Flexible in developing your projects
  • Delivering good documentation
  • Independent of all suppliers
  • Access to a spacious assembly workshop
  • Experience with PLC controls, operator panels, F-drives, servo drives

How do we operate?


At the start of a project we collect the necessary information in collaboration with you. During the design we keep you regularly informed of the progress. The drawing file is compiled functionally and contains the electrical drawings, installation plans, cabling plans and the necessary documentation. We can also create and supervise the necessary designs for self-builders.


When developing a project, a lot of attention is paid to documentation. A thorough work description provides quick insight into the operation of an installation.


We develop the installation, test it and start it up together with your people. We also provide the necessary information to the operator so that he can work smoothly with the controls.

Who are our customers?

ECW works for both small and large companies in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals or the metal industry. Self-builders can also contact us for more information.